Peri, a native Californian originally from the Bay Area, now lives in Los Angeles.

In 2010 she founded PERI ~ pure eco rag industry.

Peri feels she was destined to become an eco-friendly clothing designer. Raised in the rural town of Los Gatos, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Peri's parents encouraged their daughters to be creative from an early age. "My mother was an expert sewer and she taught my sisters and me the basics of pattern making and sewing." On weekends she would take the girls to the local yardage store to pick out fabric; then Peri and her sisters would create patterns and sew their own designs. "I can remember making this A-line halter top that we would sew every year in different fabrics and wear all summer long." This extended into Peri's college days, in San Francisco, where she would create her own unique outfits to wear out. Peri still sews on the old Singer sewing machine she first started on.

Peri's passion for fashion turned into a full-time career while working at popular LA brands such as American Apparel and Junkfood Clothing. "I saw the ad for American Apparel on the back side of the LA Weekly and said to myself, 'I want to work there.' Within a month I was, and that is where it all started." At American Apparel she learned everything from sales and marketing, to how to cut waste by utilizing every bit of fabric, while keeping it all local. At Junkfood, she learned the concept of branding and as a production manager for yet another LA brand, she gained basic skills on how to create a line from the ground-up. All the while her creativity was calling and Peri was compelled to create her own unique, earth-conscious clothing line inspired by nature. Using fabrics and trims that are organic, biodegradable and recyclable, she started working with pattern makers and sewers to come-up with her own collection and found a dye house that not only uses low impact dyes but is solar powered.

Whether out surfing or hiking, Peri gets her inspiration from nature and incorporates the shapes and colors into her collections. At PERI, we believe in incorporating peace and love into our designs through eco-friendly fabrics and low-impact production all with gratitude. PERI says, "If you are moving towards it, you are not moving away from what you can...!"

peace + love