PERI ~ is a native Californian; living, loving and laughing in Los Angeles.
Committed to sustainable and ethical production, Peri manufactures all of her pieces in Los Angeles. All fabrics are sourced ethically and sustainably, using organic cotton, hemp, tencel, bamboo, cupro and reclaimed dead-stock.

Her one of a kind pieces, are created using natural and low impact dye stuffs. The "Summer Slip" dresses are all uniquely hand-dyed by PERI. 

She has created long lasting relationships with local artisans and vendors -- The Team -- and also consults for other designers helping to streamline their design and production processes. Peri is known for her "wealth of knowledge" in the LA fashion arena and answers questions gratefully.

PERI is constantly researching new and better ways to create, while making a conscious decision to leave the smallest footprint possible... "if you are moving towards it (sustainability), you are not moving away from it..!