Canyon Caftan Dress - Gray Knit


Canyon Caftan - Gray

Loose fit with pockets, for easy eco-hot style day to night 

Available sizes 1-2-3

Model is wearing a size (2)

Grey heathered knit from deadstock, - Acrylic blend; sourced in downtown Los Angeles Garment District.

Handwash cold with mild detergent, dry flat 

Designed and sustainably made in Silver Lake, CA with peace+love


What are deadstock fabrics? Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics from other, usually larger, fashion houses who have overestimated their needs or orders got cancelled and they are left with excess fabric, which can be costly. So to create cash flow, they sell off the fabric at a loss. That's where boutique designers come in.. We purchase these beautiful fabrics and create our designs. The fun part is because, we are a small businesses we get the opportunity to use these gorgeous fabrics that would be financially out of reach -- BUT because the fabric is generally limited we only make a small amount SO once the dress is out of stock -- it's gone for good (well maybe back but in different fabric/color) xo

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